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This company has been screwing us for 60 days and we have 34 months to go before they are through screwing us but I hope by writing this review to save someone else the same problem.

The alarm they monitor doesn't work. They won't fix it. They won't respond to phone calls. They argue with us every time we call. They seem to specialize in trying to do what they can to mess with their customers.

They can't keep our secret access code straight. They refuse to acknowledge the written notice we sent them canceling our contract. They will no doubt try to collect money from us after they are justified in doing so. I can guarantee them it won't work. We'll honor our end of the contract even if they won't honor theirs. But that will be that.

If you are looking for home security you are better off with nothing. Because you MIGHT get screwed by the crooks in your neighborhood but if you do business with SHS you WILL get screwed.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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