We want to terminate their service but they won't let us!! They keep drafting our account even though we have a copy of the fax turning in our termination request!!!

We have contacted our bank and they have stopped payment but only for a few months so they can investigate. These people are crooks and liars!!!! DON'T USE THEM FOR YOUR SECURITY COMPANY!!!!! BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE it looks like we're not the only ones who have this issue with Safe Home.

I don't know how this company stays in business.

They won't return calls unless your going to buy. They just get you to sign on the bottom line and then they have you!

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I have email verification of attempts to cancel service!My original security service - VMS - tossed my contract to this company. Since my 3 year term was up and I wanted to cancel.

They have not cancelled and have just billed me another month. They said they needed it in writing and they have it in email and through the Better Business Bureae, but still charge my account unlawfully.


i want to cancel and mine hasnt worked in a year. now they are giving me a bill and I was on auto withdrawal from my charge card.

I only used this card for that withdrawal...I got hit with credit card fraud for so far over 2 grand. I need to cancel how can I


Chris you are a pig *** liar. You knew it a year in advance.

pig *** liar, live well Chris, I hope you do.

by the way his ext 1135


If you have fax confirmation showing that you faxed in a letter with intent to cancel in accordance to your agreement, and have fullfilled the agreement terms. I promise you that Safe Home Security will cancel your account. Please contact: 1-800-833-3211.

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