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I have been trying to cancel my mothers contract for 1 year with safe home security , they will not let me cancel. It was always beeping for no reason.

They would send a technician out to fix it. It would stop beeping for awhile and start again. Then another technician comes out and it the same thing. It was disturbing us very bad even while we where trying to sleep.

I've had a note attached to my bedroom door since October 2013 to remind me to cancel before October 2014.The contract is renewed every October 27th. I was told last year that I had to write a statement asking for my contract to cancel but it was too late last year for me to do so, because October 27th had past . This year I called and ask to cancel and was told to send in the written statement. I sent it in September of this year.

I received a letter saying I had to send it the request 60 days prior to the contract renewal date. No one told me this last year when I tried to cancel or in September of this year. The contract was automatically renewed and I don't want to renew the contract at all. I have repeatedly tried to cancel I do not wish to have or continue this service but safe home security will not cancel the contract.

I told them I will not send in another payment. This is my mothers account and she has Alzheimer’s. She cant walk, talk, or eat and she has a feeding tube and is bed ridden. She has a hospice nurse and someone has to do everything for her.

Safe home security is aware of her condition and still will not cancel her contract. I told them I will not pay another bill on the behalf of my mother .They told me it would go to collections and make her credit bad .

What can my mother do with credit in her condition that is not expected to improve. I told the supervisor that they are only running up a bill that they are not going to get paid for.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: cancel contract.

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Send in a doctors note.to shs.

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