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i decided to use the safe home security system when i first purchased my home its been 5 yrs and i want to get out of my contract i have never once used the system i have a dog and dont feel the need for it any longer i called them to see what they needed from me to get out of the contract they asked for a certified letter stating i no longer wanted to continue with their services so i did i sent them a letter and never heard back i kept calling for a letter from them stating my contract was now void but i never received it come to find out while checking my credit report they are still billing me WHAT???? so i tried calling and i cannot speak with anyone who is not mean or rude i am at my wits end with this company i will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau and following through with it this cannot continue i will continue updating you guys on the status of my complaint and i hope you all with the same problem do not let it go its not right thanks

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Contact Customer Service. It may be something that can be fixed fairly quickly, especially if you full-filled your agreement. Also, if it affected your credit report in error, Safe Home can rectify that so that you do not have any negative effects from it.

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